August 5, 2020: Walking on Water.

Have you spoken to God this morning? I have. Every morning, I turn on my Christian music, sing along as I grab a glass of orange juice, review my list of things to do and then –

I nestle down to spend the next half hour or more reading my daily devotional, my Bible or just talking with God about things in general.

I usually share my To Do list with Him and then I let Him know that I’m available if He needs me.

Sounds corny, but I know that no matter what I have on my agenda, if I submit to whatever He wants me to do with my day, it usually turns out better.

I found myself crying as I prayed..

Today, I sat talking to God, asking what He wanted me to write about in this weeks blog and as I prayed, I found myself crying.

This Virus has taken over everything.

“God, this virus thing has taken over everything!” I said verging on anger.

It’s gotten harder for me to breath when I wear a mask..

I continued to complain about everything that had been brewing in my mind.

“I can’t go anywhere anymore without having to wear a mask and lately it’s become harder and harder for me to breath when I’m wearing one.”

I miss worshiping you with all my church family.

“We have to wear masks everywhere, even to church. If I can’t breath, I don’t go. I miss my friends, their hugs and fellowship. I miss worshiping you with them.”

“Does this mean I either need to give in and take medication to be able to go anywhere or does it mean I won’t be able to go anywhere at all? God..This isn’t fair!

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I wasn’t getting any response from Him, (no text or emails) so I decided to use my blog to vent to God, cyber space, you and the walls around me. Thus I began to write.

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Another 250 people died in Florida yesterday and as of August 1st, over 151,000 people have died in the United States. It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around that.

Like loosing everyone in Vatican City including the Pope.

151,000 people is like every person dying in the 8 smallest countries in the world, including everyone in Vatican City. Yes, even the Pope.

Like loosing everyone in Escondido, California.

It’s like everyone in Escondido, California or everyone in Joliet, Illinois or all the residents of Savannah, Georgia being wiped out. Just try imagining that…an entire city gone.

Social distancing even in the car.

Social distancing has become the rule of the day. I find myself even keeping more distance between me and the car in front of me as I come to a stop sign- which is weird, right?

Masks are quickly becoming a fashion accessary and / or a political or faith platform. Pretty soon you’ll see mask stores popping up. You can’t go anywhere without one.

Then there’s television. I can barely watch anything unless it’s commercial free and I can’t bare to listen to the news anymore.

It’s so depressing I can’t listen. I figure that if the world’s going to to be hit by a meteor or if a hurricane is heading towards me, someone will tell me.

Your VOTE counts.

Now that we are counting days till our National election,

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Political commercials have weaseled their way between all of the Charmin and McDonald’s Commercials.

They’ve taken over every channel and the gloves are off. The airwaves are filled with hatred, accusations and arguing about who’s doing what or who’s not doing enough.

They’re arguing over who’s got the most dirty laundry and who’s the best person to clean up the mess.

Democrats and Republicans, here in the United States, are both throwing the pandemic, the riots and protests at each other with military precision. I’m sure other countries are having similar problems.

They’re pointing fingers, blaming each other, accusing one another and using all of it as leverage to win an election.

Both parties are using the he said, she said stuff, like children fighting on the playground. Who can you believe? What can you believe?

The economy here is on a roller coaster ride. Businesses are closing. People are out of work and mortgages and rent payments are falling behind.

The political parties and powers that be, are rolling dice and gambling with peoples lives while they argue over stimulus packages and payroll relief.

It’s Always about MONEY!

Governors and school districts across the country are dueling it out with teachers and parents regarding the health, education, welfare and future of our children and the when, where and how to start the new school year. They are OUR children and grandchildren. Give US choices and let US decide.

People are dying. Lives and livelihoods are being lost. People are isolated. Families are left to stand outside Nursing Home windows as they watch their mothers and fathers die.

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If you are admitted to the hospital because you have covid 19, you are on your own.

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Family members won’t be allowed to see you and won’t be there to hold your hand to comfort or encourage you to hang on.

The last person you may ever see will be a stranger in a mask. No one wants to die like that. No one should.

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Thank You to all the Doctors and nurses. You are God’s hands and His voice to those He has placed in your care.

People dying in the streets from covid all over the world.

It’s all so sad. People are even dying alone on the streets. Maybe you won’t see them here in the United States or… maybe you will.

Hospitals are full in Bolivia, Nigeria and India.

You will definitely see them in Bolivia, India and Africa because there is little or no medical assistance and no hospital beds left to care for the poor.

The poor have no money for food, much less money to pay doctors that are charging thousands of dollars for care. People stand in lines to get whatever they can.

Things are so bad in Bolivia, that families are bribing doctors to change the cause of death on Death Certificates.

Extra Covid precautions for coffins and cemetary workers in Bolivia is too expensive. for most.

They can’t afford the enormous cost of taking care of the remains of their loved ones if they die from the virus, which is putting funeral home and cemetery workers at risk of being infected.

Mass graves.

It has been reported that Covid coffins are being buried in mass graves not only in New York and Bolivia, but all around the world.

On July 22nd, The Associated Press said that Police in Bolivia reported that “420 bodies were found on the streets, in homes and in vehicles in La Paz and Santa Cruz in the last five days”. I can not imagine dying alone on the ground, on a street while people pass by ignoring and avoiding you. Makes me cry.

Medication is nearly nonexistant for the poor. The governments in poorer countries are’nt doing anything. Pastors and Missionaries have gone into the streets to care for and feed the poor and dying; giving comfort to infected families and becoming infected with the virus themselves. In fact, over one hundred pastors have died since April, in Bolivia alone.

One of the Pastors in Bolivia, that I know and support through my church, leaves home each morning to visit the sick and dying in the streets and homes of La Paz and in outlying areas, taking medicine and food when he can.

He has depleted his personal funds so we are helping him. He is obtaining packets of medication with the funds we have sent, and he is delivering them to those who can not afford doctors or hospitals. He also goes to pray for the sick and to comfort those who have lost loved ones. He became infected himself, but he has survived the virus and continues today to do God’s work. Bless him Lord and Give him strength.

It is the same with all of our Mission Partners. It was bad before the virus but now it’s worse. We support our Missions in India, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Ecuador but it only goes so far. Our Partner in Nigeria called us a few months ago, in desperate need of funds to purchase food for those that God has placed in his care.

They do not have government assistance, no subsidies or payroll assistance. Businesses have closed so there are no jobs. (Sound familiar.) They have no money so families are thrown out of their homes to live in the streets.

There is no food or medicine without money. By the Grace of God, we were able to send funds so that they could continue to help those in need but when will it end? Funds will be short again…everywhere.

It’s really bad everywhere you turn and there just doesn’t seem to be an end to it. People all over the world are tired and are crying out, “God, Please Help Us!” People are even getting on their knees, praying in the streets of Bolivia.

Show us Lord!

Where are you Lord? We can’t see you. We can’t feel you. We know you’re there. Show us Lord.

I stopped writing my complaints and sat shaking my head with tears running down my cheeks. I could feel the pain of the world. People everywhere were crying out.

I was crying for my world, my country, for my family, friends, for myself and you.

Then as if wrapped in a warm blanket, I heard His whisper…

“I am here. I haven’t gone anywhere. I never left you. Even when you can’t see me or feel me I am here.”

“I am here in the kindness of others, in their smile, in their voice. I am in the breeze that kisses your cheek or rustles your hair. Be still. Can you feel me?”

“I am in the wind that dances with the trees and in the colors that I splash across the sky at sunset.”

“I’m in the flowers I sprinkle along your path. Take time time to enjoy them. I made them for you to brighten your day. Can you see me now?”

Can you hear me?

“I’m in the laughter of children and in the birds that sing throughout your day. It’s me. Can you hear me?”

“I’m in the heart of the Missionary holding a sick child. I’m in the hands of the nurses working double shifts. I’m in the heart of those that share what little money they have to help those less fortunate than themselves.

I’m listening when nurses gather to pray for strength and healing for those in their care.

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I’m in the arms of the First Responders as they answer calls for help. I’m in the notes of encouragement and phone calls to elderly that have been in isolation for over 4 months. Can you see me now?

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“I here and I’m in control. It may not look like it in the media but I’m right there. They just aren’t looking for me.

The world is making noise. People are trying to find there way. Some are lost and others just want to belong. Some are angry and some are wounded. Others are afraid but I’m there. I see everything and I’m listening to it all.

“Pray for them and Love them because some have forgotten how to.”

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“I am working through all of it for the good of my people. Stay faithful. Stay strong. Watch – wait – listen. I am as close as the air you breath.”

“Do not fear. I am greater than all of this. Never forget that You, the world, your country, your leaders, your family and friends are all in the palm of my hand.”

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I felt so much better after hearing this. I was so glad I had told Him about everything I was worried about and how I was feeling. I know He is here even if sometimes it’s hard to see Him and feel Him in this mess.

I know He sees everything and hears all of our prayers. I know He has my back…our back. I just needed a spiritual hug and a reminder.

I remembered also, that just like when Jesus asked Peter to climb out of the boat and walk to Him on the water, He’s asking us to step away from our fears and doubts and walk on the water with Him as well.

We can’t let ourselves get distracted by all the noise and waves in the world around us as Peter did.

We need to keep our eye’s focused on the One who is in control. We need to stay focused on Jesus. Who knows, maybe in time, we might even learn to dance on the water with Him as well. WOULD’NT THAT BE AMAZING!

Have you spoken to God today? You’ll feel better if you do.

God knows. HE sees everything and knows what you are going to say before you can put your thoughts and doubts into words. HE’s asking you to BELIEVE…to grab hold of His hand and take that step of FAITH. Go on. You can do it! I’LL SEE YOU OUT ON THE WATER!!

From my heart to yours. VICTORIA


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