August 23, 2020: Today’s Thank You Note To God

I woke up this morning, made a cup of tea, turned on my Christian Music Station, Joy FM and began reading my daily devotional, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, which I would highly recommend.

Start your day with Praise, Worship, Thanksgiving and with His Word.

I still have not made it to Sunday Service due to covid 19 restrictions of social distancing and masks. I have difficulty breathing with a mask, so being at church for over an hour with one on is basically impossible right now. I watch service on line instead, but it’s not the same. Streaming Church, reading my Bible and a message from Jesus Calling along with listening to Joy Fm is what my Sunday Worship looks like.

Some of the lyrics from Leland’s song Way Maker.

As I sat there reading and listening to Joy FM, I began singing along with Christian music artist, Mandisa as she sang Leland’s song Way Maker. I worshiped God in such an amazing way as if all of heaven was listening and joining in. As I stood there with tears running down my face, I realized that my worship had been amplified because of the marvelous gifts of music God had given to both Leland and Mandisa.

My meditation on God’s Word had been stimulated by what Sarah Young had written. My voice wrapped with Mandisa’s amazing voice, had reached heaven and God’s ears on the wings of the music and lyrics Leland had created. My worship had been inspired by three amazing people who had honored God by using the gifts He had given them.

Our gifts from God have a ripple effect.

My friends, there is a ripple effect when we use the gifts God gives us. In fact it all circles back to Him. People Glorify God by using His gifts and the effect they have on others does the same. We Glorify God because we are inspired by the gifts they have shared.

Its a circle and I’m grateful that my voice, my worship, my bellowing sounded so much better in God’s ear this morning because of the gifts that were shared. Each of us as individuals but united in worship of the gift giver – Our voices and our praise exploding thru the two condos above me, thru the roof top – into the Throne room of Heaven – to God’s ears. AMAZING!

So Today:

I would like to Thank God for LELAND’s gift of music, for JOY FM for playing Leland’s song WAY MAKER this morning, for MANDISA’s amazing voice and for SARAH YOUNG, who wrote JESUS CALLING which inspires my faith to be stronger.

What are you Thankful for today?

What Gifts has God given you and how are you sharing them with others?

What song do you find yourself singing to when you worship the God of the Universe and the King of Kings?

I’m sure God would love to hear from you and so would I.

Have a great rest of your day.


From my heart to yours, VICTORIA


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