September 5, 2020: Today’s Thank You Note To God

How hot is it where you are? I was out running errands the other day and it was an unbearable 98 degrees with a heat index well over 100. I thought I was gonna die. You could almost cut the air with a knife. It was exhausting just walking to and from the car.

Before I go on, I know that some of you are living where it is much warmer than this and you have my deepest sympathy and I apologize for my complaining.

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Now, I must confess that I am my own worst enemy. It seems like I am always in a rush when I do my errands. I have a list of things that I need to get done and a time schedule to get them done in. I admit I overload myself sometimes and forget that I am no longer twenty and my sprint has become more of a crawl. I also admit that I’m often so focused on the goals that I set for myself, that I forget to enjoy the journey.

In the midst of my errands, scurrying from one place to the other within my limited time allotment, I noticed a large oak tree and a bench near where I had parked my car. Even before I made it under its branches, I stepped into it’s shadow and I was amazed at the difference in temperature. Once under it, a cool breeze washed over me and I welcomed it with an exhausted “ahhh”.

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I was trailing behind the schedule I had set for myself, but for some reason I decided to actually stop, sit for a moment, rest and enjoy this cool breeze. Even the birds and the squirrels had taken time to rest here.

As I soaked in the respite from the heat, I closed my eyes – but just for a moment. I knew I couldn’t stop long. I had things to do and a schedule to keep. It was then I heard a familiar whisper in my head. “This is ME.” I opened my eyes almost startled. My mind began to analyze what was said. This was a whisper from God – just three little words. That’s all it took to take my breath away and give me an “ah ha” moment.

I realized that God is like a giant oak tree offering shade, a cool breeze and a place to rest from the otherwise scorching, relentless, exhausting, overwhelming, chaotic world that we create for ourselves.

In the midst of all my buzyness and in the middle of God’s busy day, He had brought me a gift –a tree and a bench to sit on. God knew I needed to rest, to stop, to let go. I needed to refocus on what was important and it wasn’t all the things on my must do list. What was really important, was resting with Him in the middle of it – Letting Him have control. What needed to get done would get done and what didn’t, didn’t. Either way, He had my back.

I smiled and whispered back, “Thank you.”

God is in the middle of our busy schedules.

God is there for each of us in all our “need to get this done” busyness – our hectic “I never have enough time!” schedules – our “How am I going to make ends meet?” worries and our “Now what? I give up!” frustrations.

God is there in the midst of the “must do’s” that we box ourselves into. He’s there to give us a bit of shade from the scorching heat, a cool breeze to make us sigh, a place to rest and take the load off our feet, along with a gentle whisper of encouragement if we’re willing to listen.

So Today:

I am thankful for GIANT OAK TREES on a hot summer day, but mostly I am thankful for the GOD that created them and HIS GENTLE WHISPERS that remind me that in the midst of my busy, often chaotic world, I can always find a moment of respite in Him.

He’ll even plant me a tree where and when I need one.

What are you Thankful for today?

I’m sure God would love to hear from you and so would I.

Blessing, VICTORIA


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