September 8, 2020: Today’s Thank You Note to God

What or who are you afraid of forgetting? I seem to be forgetting little things more and more lately. Words escape me. The wrong ones slip out. No, I haven’t forgotten my keys and found them in the refrigerator yet, but my brain gets tired sometimes.

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My daughter n law’s Mother has some dementia and has been falling. She forgets to take her medication and doesn’t remember eating sometimes. I’m afraid it is time for my Daughter n Law to make the difficult decision of placing her mom in a memory facility. It is painful to hear how she is dealing with watching her mother forget more and more.

I am reminded that I am older than her mom and that I have lapses of memory myself. I find fear gripping at me as I watch her mom and am afraid of what the years ahead hold for me.

Forgetting food and meds are one thing, but forgetting loved ones is terrifying to me. But that is not the worst fear that I have. I am afraid I will forget who Our Lord is. That is my greatest fear.

He has been my anchor throughout my entire life and without Him I am afraid I will truly be lost. I pray that those around me will remind me if I falter.

The one thing that helps, is knowing that even if I forget who Jesus is, He will never forget who I am. I know He will be with me no matter what and He will guide me home when it’s time. Plus I refuse to let fear of what might happen tomorrow control me today.

So Today:

I am Thankful that I still remember most things as well as my family, my friends and my Lord. I am grateful that I still know who I am and that I have my shoes on the right feet. I’m also grateful that my memory lapses are minimal and that I have family that will be with me when and if I ever need them. There are some that have no one.

Please pray for me, my daughter n law’s mom and for all those who are dealing with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

What are you thankful for today?

I’m sure God would love to hear from you and so would I.

Blessings my friends, VICTORIA


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