October 28, 2020 Thank You Note to God (I’M BREAKING OUT… WITH CAUTION)

Hello Friends and Family.

There are so many things to be Thankful for each day, but we are often too busy to say THANK YOU. Where are our manners?

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Well, today I’m grateful for being able to take another trip and have another adventure.

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We’ve all been closed up and shut in for so long. I don’t know about you but it has exasperated both my claustrophobia and my patience.

We’ve dealt with unbelievable and sometimes unrealistic restrictions over the past 10 months but things are turning around.

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Stores, restaurants and places of worship are open nearly to full capacity in many areas but with restrictions. Many people are still gun shy though and continue to limit their social involvement and are opting to stay in their homes.

Photo by Patrick Case on Pexels.com

Not me. Not anymore. I’ve had enough. I’m breaking outwith caution.

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I’ve decided to pack up my mask and sanitizer and venture back out into the world.

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God gives us a new day, every day and if we stay inside we can’t appreciate the marvelous gift He’s given us. So poke your head out, take a deep breath, through your mask, and enjoy. I am.

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For instance, In my last blog I shared about my trip to St Louis to visit family. Which was amazing. One week later I headed for somewhere I had never been before. I kinda felt like Captain Kirk on Star Trek.

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Since we were unable to visit New England this year, due to Covid 19 restrictions, we decided instead to pack up the car and go on a four day road trip to Amelia Island, Florida. No. It didn’t take us 4 days to get there. It was only a 3.5 hour drive. We did, however, visit the Island and surrounding area for 3 nights and 4 days exploring everywhere including a day excursion to St. Augustine and took the long way home through Mount Dora.

Have you ever been to Amelia Island, St. Augustine or Mt Dora? If not, you should go. Amelia is located in the most northeastern part of Florida near the Georgia border, St Augustine is a little over an hour down the coast and Mt Dora is just north of Orlando.

Image result for Amelia Island

Our Home Base for our adventure was at the Comfort Suites Hotel at Fernandina Beach, on the northeast end of the Island and it was so peaceful. We were half block from the Atlantic Ocean and could see it from our room.

I live on the west coast of Florida, not far from the water, so you wouldn’t think this place was much different…but it was. Maybe because we could watch the sun RISE over the water. I can only enjoy sunsets on the west side. hmmm.

Image result for sunrise on ocean

We got up each morning to take coffee to the beach to watch the sunrise. AMAZING! A handful of people would gather in chairs and on benches to usher in and celebrate the gift of a new day with all the seagulls. It was very serene.

Wasn’t sure about the hotel and how things were going to be with all the covid 19 precautions, but it was handled very well. We sprayed and wiped down the room ourselves when we got there, even though it had been cleaned thoroughly before our arrival. Masks were worn everywhere, by everyone, which was much appreciated.

Hot breakfast was served in containers and we were able to give Housekeeping a checklist of needed items each morning (which we hung on the doorknob) and they would leave the items outside our door.

Image result for Amelia Island beach at night

We shopped and ate in a quaint historic area where again masks were mandated. We also had bottles of hand sanitizer, which we used all the time. Sanitizer was also available everywhere we went.

Image result for clam chowder lobster rolls and hush puppies

We enjoyed delicious chowder, lobster rolls and seafood at four local restaurants. So yummy.

Image result for Amelia Island marina

Sunsets were five minutes down the road on the other side of the Island, where we sat at the Marina watching boats and seagulls say goodbye to another day in Paradise.

Image result for Amelia Island live music at restraunts

At night we would cuddle on a bench at the beach while listening to and singing along with live 70’s and 80’s music being played at the restaurant nearby.

Great food, great weather, great company and an awesome place to visit and relax.

I am so very thankful to God for keeping us safe and for allowing us to escape to and enjoy such amazing places.

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I have found that, while using precautions, (masks, sanitizer and social distancing), it IS possible to get away from home and isolation to enjoy the places and people God has blessed us with.

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I refuse to let covid 19 win. I’m not going to allow fear to swallow me up. I am going to enjoy my friends and family and I also intend to travel, observing all the advisories and using all the precautions we have been advised to use.

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I also plan on going out to cast my VOTE… as I hope you will. YOUR VOTE MATTERS.

This is an important election and we have the Constitutional right and privilege to make our voices count. I will do my best to ensure my safety and the safety of others by wearing a mask, using sanitizer and keeping my distance in line. I will do my part and I believe God is in control of the rest.

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I pray God will extinguish Covid 19 all together and that He will continue to bring healing to our country, it’s people and all the World. I pray that all the cities and countries that are still in lock down will open soon… safely.

Photo by VisionPic .net on Pexels.com

Today, I want to say Thank You. I am extremely blessed to be in a state that is open and in a country where my voice counts. I also pray God will continue to keep you and I safe. Until my next adventure…God Bless.

Remember, by the Grace of God, you have the right and privilege to Believe and Live outside the Box that the world, your circumstances and your past may try to keep you in.

What are you thankful for today?

I’m sure God would love to hear from you and so would I.

Blessings, VICTORIA


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