December 11,2020: Finding the “O’s” in God’s message

Something dawned on me while I was at Church on Sunday. It actually distracted me from what the Pastor was saying for quite a while, but if I need to blame someone, it’s all God’s fault. It was HE that distracted me and since I was in HIS HOUSE, I guess it’s ok.

Image result for free pic of light bulb

I was staring at the screen above Pastor’s head and all of a sudden, all of the “O”s in the Scripture verse jumped out at me. They were words describing God’s goodness. All the other words disappeared into the background and a lightbulb in my head flipped on. I would like to share what I discovered because once I started, I couldn’t stop. I wonder if the idea will have the same affect on you.

Image result for free pic necklace made with cherrieos cereal
Image result for free pic necklace made with cherrieos cereal

Take a moment to think about this. If you take a piece of string and run it through circles then tie the two ends together you’d have a necklace of circles to wear. If you used Fruit Loop cereal or Cheerios it would even be delicious.

Image result for free pic of words

Now try it with “O’s”… Try it with Biblical words with “O” in them describing GOD, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. How many words do you think there are with an “O” in it that describe God? See if I missed any.

Lets start with the “O” in GOD. Great place to start., then just let God and Scripture flow.

Image result for free pic of words  descibing god

JehOvah, hOly, lOving, wOnderful, cOunselor, Omnicent, Omnipresent,

pOwerful, bOuntiful, awesOme, bOuntiful, benevOlent, cOmforter, cOmpassionate,

marvelOus, hOly wOrd, graciOus, wOrthy, Ours, yOurs, glOrious, consOler, gOOd,

glOrious, fOrgiver, hOpe, cOnstant, sOurce, pOtter, knOwledge, Omega,

ElOhim, creatOr, advOcate, AdOnai, glOry, cOrnerstone, rOck, fOuntain,

rOOt, salvatiOn, righteOus, ransOm, Overseer, extraOrdinary, hOnored,

perfectOr, wOrshiped, glOrified, prOvider, miraculOus, strOng, fOrever,

prOtector, trustwOrthy, cOnsuming, prOven, astOunding, cOnfidant,

empOwering, victOrious, annOinted, mediatOr, belOved, restOrer,

strOnghold, anchOr, fOrtress, cOmplete, knOwing, immOrtal, cOnqueror,

cOmpasionate, fOundation, cOnsecrator, sOn, SaviOr

and let’s end with LORD.

Image result for free pic of God is the alpha and omega

GOD is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega and if we string all of these adjectives together by all the “O”s what a wonderful necklace to wear close to our heart to remind us just WHO GOD IS….in case we forget.

Image result for free pic of heart with you are loved

I wonder if all the “O”s are there on purpose? BTW…The O is a circle… which is never ending. Hmm. Something to think about.

Image result for free pic of letter o

Blessings, victOria


5 thoughts on “December 11,2020: Finding the “O’s” in God’s message

    1. Thank you, Jennifer for visiting my site . I love God’s way of talking to us in different ways. I never realized the “O”s were in so many words describing God. As crazy as it seemed to spend time searching for all the words, it was still time spent with Him and He loves spending one on one time with us. Blessings to you and yours my friend. May you continue to draw closer to God in amazing surprising ways. VICTORIA

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