Have you seen the series THE CHOSEN?

The other day, a friend of mine asked me if I had seen the Series THE CHOSEN yet. I had not. She had asked me the same question a few other times but this time her question HAUNTED ME, NAGGED AT ME AND TUGGED AT MY HEART…so I finally watched it. I originally thought ‘OK. This is just going to be another movie about the life of CHRIST’.


I am in the middle of watching series one for the third time IN A TWO WEEK PERIOD and I still cry with every episode. I understand that SERIES ONE has been out for quiet some time and that the SECOND SERIES is possibly coming out around EASTER.


After the first time I saw the original eight episodes, I felt that I must be the only one in the world that had not seen and experienced this amazing gift, but again I was WRONG. Every time I mention it to someone, they don’t have any idea what I’m talking about. Soooo, I have decided to ask my Pastor tomorrow if I can start a bible study using the series, especially since it is Lent. Pray for me. I thought I might as well since I’ve already bought copies of the series, the study guide, two devotionals,

"Binge Jesus" Short Sleeve Limited Edition

two shirts that say BINGE JESUS plus a sweatshirt displaying the same message.

I love that the shirt says BINGE JESUS. I mean, I’ve “BINGE” watched everything under the sun since covid hit and actually sat and watched all eight episodes of THE CHOSEN in one night, so wearing a shirt suggesting that people BINGE JESUS instead of watching TV makes perfect sense to me. The shirts were delivered yesterday and I can’t wait to wear one tomorrow when I visit Pastor. When people see the shirt I hope they ask what it means and then hopefully that will open the door to sooo many levels of testimony and opportunities to share Jesus with them.

If you’ve seen THE CHOSEN, let me know what some of your favorite parts were and which character you most identify with.

Image result for the chosen

I think personally there are parts of me in every character in the series. I totally identify with the control freak and protector in PETER…trying to fix everything.

Image result for matthew from the chosen

Then I see my OCD in MATTHEW, whom I just adore,

Image result for nicodemus from the chosen

and I find my intense need and desire to understand God and His Word in NICODEMUS.

Image result for the chosen

I see my own reflection in MARY of Magdala’s PTSD and being haunted by demons from my past.

Image result for andrew from the chosen

I see myself in ANDREW when he uses common sense and is the rational one in his and Peter’s relationship

Image result for woman at the well from the chosen

and I can totally identify with the pain that the ‘WOMAN at the well’ felt being labeled as an outcast. I can also see myself as she cries when Jesus knows her and accepts her when no one else does and then when she laughs with excitement, running through the field yelling that she’s going to tell everybody about Jesus and what He did for her.

Maybe that’s the point.

Image result for pics from the chosen

Maybe seeing ourselves in those that were CHOSEN by Christ to follow HIM in both Scripture and as depicted in this series, helps us to realize that WE’RE NOT MUCH DIFFERENT THAN THEY WERE and that WE are called to follow Christ as well. God choses ordinary people like fisherman, sinners, tax collectors, you and me to spread the Gospel and His story of Love and Redemption.

WE EACH HAVE A CHOICE to FOLLOW or NOT. If Christ showed up in your life and asked you to drop everything to follow Him, what would you do? The people that CHRIST chose in SCRIPTURE left everything and changed the world. Just think what we can do if and when WE answer the same call to FOLLOW HIM.

Something to think about.



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