A Whisper from God: I saw the line today.

My Dear Child,

I saw the line outside the Thrift Store today. So many people lined up almost to the street, waiting for the doors to open. They were all excited, talking with one another about the savings they hoped to get on all the treasures they would find inside. They were anxious to find all the things they needed, wanted and hoped for. There were so many people, rushing to get there early and then willing to wait in line for up to an hour before the store would even open its doors.

Oh, how I wish they would line up that way to see Me.

I wish they would be that anxious to find what I have to offer when my Church doors open on Sunday. I wish they would jump out of bed and rush to come early like they did to go to the thrift store. How amazing it would be to see all of them lining up an hour early on Sundays to fellowship with one another about the AMAZING GIFTS they would find inside. Yes GIFTS.

Image result for free pic of free sign

What I have to offer is FREE!

They don’t need to wait for red tag sales or discounted prices on Tuesdays. In fact, they don’t need to wait at all. They don’t need to wait for a building to open. They can talk with me and receive all the treasures that they need, want and hope for anytime, 24/7. What I have to offer is greater than even gold or silver and most definitely greater than any Thrift store treasures they would find, plus my treasures won’t rust, break, tear or wear out. My treasures, my gifts will last forever.

Oh how I wish all of my children would love coming to see ME as much as they love going to the thrift store. I wish you would love coming to visit with Me as well.

My door is always OPEN.


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