A Whisper from God: I FORGIVE YOU!

I couldn’t stand the thought of Heaven without YOU. So I forgive you.

I sent my Son to take your place. He has taken all the ugliness of your sin and the sin of the world upon himself, poured out His blood and has died for you, so that you might live and have everlasting life with me in Heaven.

Because He has paid your debt…I FORGIVE YOU

for all the times that you lie and the times that you bear false witness against one another,

for the times you loose your temper, use my name in vain, or curse at one another,

for when you kill or maim others, or destroy that which is not yours

for not resting on the seventh day and keeping it holy unto me,

for complaining and arguing, perjuring, maligning, gossiping, judging, slandering, criticizing, ridiculing others and bringing false witness against your neighbor,

for your impatience, prejudice, insolence, self righteousness and stubbornness,

for your decadence, lusting and committing adultery, rape, fornication, pedophilia, cheating, voyeurism, and sexual immorality,

for child abuse, adult abuse, sexual, mental and verbal abuse and for abusing any of my creatures,

for being selfish, self centered, stingy, full of greed and envy,

for murder and abortion,

for idolatry, putting other gods before ME,

for blaming me, not trusting me or my word, ignoring me, hating me and doubting my very existence,

for twisting my words to suit yourself or your own agenda,

for gluttony, laziness, being proud and boastful,

for ignoring the poor and those in need, always putting yourself and your needs first,

for your hatred, resentment, bitterness, name calling and fits of anger always claiming it’s someone else’s fault,

for finding guilt or fault in others before admitting your own,

for not using or appreciating the gifts I have given you, for being ungrateful, and rarely saying thank you,

for always trying to fix things on your own, believing you’re bigger and stronger than I am,

for lusting over power, money, ambition, sex and things that don’t belong to you,

for cheating, stealing, extorsion, treason, and embezzlement,

for dishonoring and disrespecting your father and mother and those I have put in authority over you,

for loving this life and this world more than Me

for this and so much more…


Now, go and sin no more.


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