Whisper from God: There is no box of YOU’s sitting on a shelf in Heaven.

I know you. I know you better than you know yourself. Before the beginning of time, I imagined the most perfect you and there is no one else like you in the entire world. I don’t have a box of YOUs setting on a shelf in heaven. You were made carefully, with great love, vision and purpose and then I threw away the mold. You were created to be an intricate part of my world masterpiece. So never second guess the importance of being who and where you are at any given moment.

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I found such joy in creating every detail of you, from the color of your hair and eyes to the shape of your fingers and toes. Do you think that you laugh the way that you do by chance? No. I thought long and hard about it, before your first giggle. I especially thought about your smile which I created to light up the world around you. You need to use it more often. Don’t let it or your laughter go to waste.

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Your voice is another story. It came directly from heaven. No one else has your voice. I created it so that I would recognize it anywhere. In fact, I can pick it out of a noisy crowd, but I especially recognize it when you call out my name, just as a parent recognizes it’s child’s voice out of all the others…

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and when you cry…I know it too and my heart melts.

I gave you so many gifts when I created you; like your strong will to not be led astray and a bucket full of determination to get the job done that you were sent here to do, and I didn’t hold back when it came to your many, many talents and your amazing creativity.

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What? You never realized that you have amazing abilities to do things no one else in the world can do as well as you can? Look again. Find them. Nurture them. Ignite your enthusiasm and explore them. Your gifts and talents are my gifts to the world. Don’t hide them or ignore them. Share them. That’s why I gave them to you.

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I often wonder if you realize just how special and how loved, appreciated and treasured that you are. You have been designed in my image and I don’t make mistakes or leave things out, no matter what you might think. I may have given you a bit more or a bit less of something compared to someone else, but that’s what makes you the unique and perfect YOU.

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You may not like how I created you. You may have preferred green eyes to blue, or to be a blonde because everyone thinks they have more fun. It’s not about what you look like on the outside… although I think you look pretty fantastic. It’s what I put inside you that counts the most.

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Oh, and you may have preferred to live by the beach or in another country instead of where you are, but you are exactly where you are supposed to be. I created your parents, your lineage and I even gave some of you bothersome siblings as well. You may not like or appreciate what and who you were given but all of them were created with great care and purpose JUST FOR YOU.

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Yes. I planted YOUR family tree as a sapling in heaven’s garden long before time even began. I planted a variety of oaks and pines, spruces and maple trees. Each Family Tree special and unique. Everything about yours has been planned all the way down to the roots of who you are, where you’re from and what you will become.

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I even picked out your name before anyone else knew it and it has been written, along with your story, in the palm of my hand and on my heart before I even created dinosaurs. I already know all of it…THE WONDRFUL STORY OF YOU from beginning to end. I know you better than anyone and I know the way you should go before you even have a choice.

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Yes. I gave you a choice. I gave you, as an added bonus, the ability to choose between the life story and purpose that I carefully created you for or the life story YOU might think is better. I’ll give you a hint. The ending I chose for you is better than anything you can imagine. TRUST ME. I KNOW YOU and I KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU.

Do you really think that I would take such care to create you and then steer you the wrong way? Follow me and I will guide you through this life and show you the way back home to me because it’s there that the AMAZING life story I created for you, truly begins.


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