Give Jesus the tangled messes in your life.

This morning I took a shower and washed my hair as usual. My hair takes extra time these days, since I’ve let it grow out. During the lockdowns in 2020, I was unable to go to the hairdresser, much like everyone else, so times dictated that my hair would grow out. I haven’t let it grow this long since, well, forever. I kinda, sorta like having long hair again. Problem is that after a good scrub, its a tangled mess even with conditioner.

My granddaughter loves combing my long hair. That’s because I comb hers in return. But when she hits a snag or a knot in my hair, she pulls on it and she’s a bit rough for my liking. Brushing knots out off long hair can be a chore and sometimes painful. Ok. Painful enough for my sensitive head at least. That’s why I usually take over and work the knot out myself. At least, that way, I’M IN CONTROL of the yanking and pulling it takes to get the job done. When my hair is nice and smooth again, I return the brush to my granddaughter, sit back, relax and enjoy a bit of pampering. There’s nothing like someone else combing your hair.

As I sat this morning facing my tangled mop after my shower, it occurred to me that my life is often much like my hair. I enjoy my life when things are going smoothly, but sometimes it can be a tangled mess with all kinds of difficult knots in it.

Asking My Lord to help me get the tangles out of my life, much like my hair, might be painful, especially since that means I need to GIVE UP CONTROL of the yanking and pulling it might take to get them out, but the reward after the strands of my life are smooth again, is amazing if I allow My Lord to stay in control.

Just for a moment, imagine Our Lord standing over you, brush in hand, removing all the knots and tangles in your hair after a good scrub (cleansing), then gently brushing the smooth strands as you sit back, relax and enjoy. He can do the same with your life as well, IF YOU LET HIM HAVE CONTROL OVER ALL THE MESSES.

Remember: God can turn messes into messages, tests into testimonies and misery into ministries. Think about it.

Blessings, VICTORIA


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