The Chosen

I started teaching two new Bible Studies last week, based on the series The Chosen ( the largest, crowdfunded, multi season, media project ever about the Life of Christ as seen though His followers. )

It brings the New Testament stories and people to life in a brand new way. Watching and connecting with the Apostles, Mary Magdelen, Nicodemus and all the people that Jesus healed and came in contact with, has made scripture come alive and has opened my eyes and my heart to know and love Jesus even more.

I can see myself in each of the characters, with all of their flaws, their sin, their doubts and their baggage. They aren’t just names in the Bible anymore. They have come alive in such a way that I can relate to each and every one of them. Their BEFORE stories have grabbed my heart and pulled at my soul strings. I understand and relate to them more now when I read the new testament that they lived and wrote about.

I’ve seen all, or most of the movies made about the life of Christ but I’ve never seen and experienced anything that has moved me and changed my life and my faith like this has.

I am so blessed and humbled that God has called me to teach, lead and spiritually feed the people He has called to be a part of this extraordinary experience. I don’t have a degree in Theology. I am just like everyone else. I simply heard God’s call and answered, much like the ordinary people that he called when Jesus was alive. My job, my mission, is to bring the SPIRITUAL FOOD provided through The story of The Chosen and GOD will bring the people to His banquet table.

I believe that through this series, lives will be changed, miracles will happen and the world will be changed. I’m just humbled to be a small part of what God is doing. I also believe that the timing of The Chosens release is not an accident. Our world is a mess and the devil is attacking us from every angle.

I also believe God is using this series to gather his people, to renew their faith, to ignite His spirit within them to prepare them for battle against the evil we face.

I hadn’t seen The Chosen until February of this year and since then, I have watched Season one at least seven times. Then, in April, God led me to bring this to the people in my Church. We just finished watching and discussing Episode two yesterday. The response has been AMAZING.

If you have not seen the series The Chosen yet, I beg you to go to and begin your journey towards a deeper relationship with Jesus and those that were chosen while He was here on earth. You will see that even with all their flaws, sin and idiosyncrasies, God chose ordinary people to follow him and because they did, they changed their world. You are no different than they are. In fact you may be more alike than you can imagine and just like them, Jesus is calling you to change (and defend) our world today as well.

Blessings, Victoria


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