The Chosen Season 1, Episode 3 – Jesus and the Children

You can watch this Episode 3 of Season 1, by clicking the link below and going to Episode three or you can go to Vidangel or The Chosen app. Thank you to The Chosen for this film and for the use of any of the photos found in this blog. The study after is from earlier this year. Enjoy and be blessed.


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I am amazed and in awe of what God is doing as people all over the world gather, just as we did, to share this series and to discuss how it relates to each of us on a very personal level. People have been able to see themselves in all those that Christ chose and interacted with while He was here on earth, even the children, which has opened the door to a deeper, more personal relationship with Our Lord and has brought Scripture and its messages to life.

As people watch, each episode has brought a story, a situation that often parallels their own story, their own conflicts and as the story evolves they have witnessed the amazing affect that Christ had on each individual in the middle of those situations.

This series has had a profound impact on so many people by helping them to realize that Christ can and will do the same for them. They realize that they are no different, no better or worse than those Christ chose to interact with when He was here. When they see some of the insurmountable problems faced by the individuals that they have heard about all of their lives and the difference that Christ made in their situations, they can see that there is nothing that is bigger than Our God and His love for us.

We are His, and there is nothing that He won’t do for us, no distance He won’t go to find us… no matter how far we have strayed away from Him.

If I could sum up the message we found this week in Episode three, God wants us to be like the children in this episode… curious, open minded, open hearted, trusting, willing to spend as much time as we can with Him, rain or shine (when life is good and when it’s difficult). He wants us to be willing to do what He asks us to do, eagerly and without hesitation just because He asks, no matter how small or how big the task, to follow Him, to believe and to tell others about Him.

Image result for free pics of the chosen season one jesus and the children

When Jesus spoke to the children, He was speaking to the child in each of us. He wants each of us to know that we are special to Him. He welcomes us and won’t dismiss us. He is anxious to listen to us, to answer our questions, to share His plan for us, to guide us, teach us, encourage us and to spend quality time with us in a personal, one on one relationship with Him.

He Cares. He Sees everything. He knows our needs and desires without us saying a word, and as His child, He will give us gifts beyond our wildest dreams just because.

You can join the millions that are following the Chosen series at or on VidAngel or YouTube and may it bless you as much as it is blessing all of us.

May God open your eyes, your ears and your heart as you continue your journey to a closer relationship with Him.



3 thoughts on “The Chosen Season 1, Episode 3 – Jesus and the Children

    1. Hi Amber. I know! Season 2 Episodes are AMAZING! I have only gotten to the 3rd episode of S 1 so far with my Bible study group. They are just at the begining of this journey. It is really hard to not reveal all the other episodes especially the 3rd one in S2. I’ve seen all of S1 at least 8 times because I am preparing to teach it. I’m using the study guide that goes with S1 but we are going deeper. I have been so honored , blessed and humbled leading members of my church family . Many are baby Christian’s and it’s like watching toddlers taking their first steps…but towards JESUS. Thanks for visiting and sharing in my excitement. God is truly using this series to bring his children closer and to spread the Good news. Much love, Victoria

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