THE CHOSEN: Season 1, Episode 6

You can watch Episode six of Season 1 by clicking the link below and going to Episode 6 or you can go to VidAngel or The Chosen app. Thank you to The Chosen for this film and for any photos used in this blog. Enjoy and be Blessed.


EPISODE SIX TITLE: Indescribable Compassion.

Questions: Why did Jesus heal some and not others? Why did Jesus tell some to not say anything after He performed a Miracle? Why did Jesus forgive the sins of the Paralytic before he healed him? Why didn’t Jesus forgive the Leper of sin also?

These are all great questions. Last weeks Bible Study was on Season One, Episode Six of The Chosen, where we watched as Jesus healed both the Leper and the Paralytic. Both men came to Jesus because of someone else’s faith or testimony. They had not personally witnessed the water turned to wine at the wedding feast, nor did they see Simon’s boat filled with fish, but they believed someone who had.

There is power in YOUR TESTIMONY of Faith, healing and or conversion. Think about that. If God is calling you, chosen you,…he is not doing it for you to keep it to yourself.

But he did tell some to keep it to themselves. I was curious as to why. This is what I discovered. If Jesus healed a Gentile or someone like the Woman at the well who lived in Samaria, where the people were part Jew and part Gentile, Jesus had no problem with them spreading the news. This is because they were not confined by Jewish Law and they had no high expectations of the Messiah riding into town on a white horse with a sword and an army to save them from the Romans.

However if he healed a Jew, who was very much concerned with following Jewish Law and Tradition, Jesus would instruct that person go to the Priests to be checked and then they were to make the appropriate sacrifice at the Temple (according to Jewish Law). Then they were to go on about their business.

Also, the Jews were depending on and expecting that the Messiah would rescue them militarily from the Romans. If Jesus had told them initially to spread the word, there may have been an uprising. That’s, quite possibly, why Jesus kept saying that it was not his time yet.


As for WHY Jesus healed some and not others…hmmm. God only knows, but I can tell you the lesson I learned when my husband was sick and dying of Multiple Sclerosis. During his 18 months of lying in the bed paralyzed from the disease and especially after he died, I would cry out to God and ask WHY??? It took a while for me to be quiet enough to hear GOD Whisper back, “Don’t ask WHY. Instead ask WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN.”

I was surprised and a bit confused by what He said, but he continued with “ask WHAT lesson you can learn from this, WHO you can share it with, and WHERE and WHEN you can share it.

I thought about it and realized that during my husbands illness and eventual death, I HAD NEVER BEEN ALONE. God, my family and church family had been with both my husband and I through the entire, horrible ordeal. I realized that God had put people in our lives that helped carry us, pray for us and console us. This revelation led me to sharing these revelations, these lessons, with others, especially those whose loved ones were ill, or those that were grieving. I began consoling people, reminding them that they were not alone. I also began encouraging people to be God’s hands, feet and voice in the darkness people were facing.

I learned an important, valuable lesson and stopped asking WHY. I learned to cherish the opportunity to share WHAT lessons I learn with the WHO that GOD places in my path, to go WHEN God directs me to do so and I learned to follow WHERE ever He leads me.

Lastly, as for the question why Jesus first forgave the paralytic’s sin before he was healed, we need to remember that Jesus knew what each person needed most. In fact, the primary reason Jesus came at all and the reason that HE died for us, was to save us and TO FORGIVE US OUR SINS and in some cases, forgiving sin was more important than healing their physical bodies.

Bottom line is, I think no matter what Jesus said and no matter who Jesus healed, no matter where he did it, why or in what order...HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING and who are we to ask WHY.

I hope you have been blessed and look forward to sharing the next episode in season one. I pray you draw closer to God and His Word. Remember, You are not alone.

Blessings, VICTORIA

You can see the series THE CHOSEN on Youtube, The, or VidAngel.


6 thoughts on “THE CHOSEN: Season 1, Episode 6

  1. This is a great question, you have asked. Why did Jesus heal some and not others? I believe it had to do with the peoples faith in believing He will heal them.

    Even now we all from time to time struggle with faith, that is why Jesus said if we had faith as the size of a mustard seed when can speak to that mountain and command it into the sea. And we know that a mustard seed is so small that one can not see it under the naked eye. One would have to use a microscope to see that seed.

    Great post!

    By the way. how is the book coming along? Is it on Amazon yet? Please let me know so that I can purchase a copy of it. Also before I forget, I changed my website address and so if you happen to of went to there it would of said that site is no longer there.

    It is now:

    Blessings to you sis.


    1. Hello. Hope you are well. After receiving your prayer I asked others that have read portions of the book to also write a prayer or note to the reader. They, including yours, are all in place now. Thank you for your wonderful words. Many will be blessed. Final logistics with Amazon being put in place. I am in New England presently but book should be ready when I return. Everything in God’s timing. Blessings, my dear friend.


    1. Thank you for visiting my site. I have been so inspired by The Chosen. It has brought the Bible to life. Now, I realize that Matthew and the others may be sitting in heaven saying…” I wasn’t like that.”, but I’m also sure that the apostles are all excited about this series bringing people closer to God and that’s all that matters. I’m getting ready to lead 2 new Bible studies based on season 2 of The Chosen.
      I’m sooo excited to share it. I’ll be posting about our study on my site, so stay tuned. Thank you for your blessing regarding my book. I hope God blesses whoever He calls to read it and that just like the Chosen, people will draw closer to Him. Victoria

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