New Book Released

I am so excited to announce my new book, Green Skies and Holy Whispers! I can finally say that I am a published author. Woo Hoo! I am so blessed. A new and exciting chapter of my life has begun.

This is God’s amazing story of grace, mercy and love, which has been carefully and lovingly woven within my story, a recounting of my childhood, which was laced with abandonment, adoption, abuse, neglect and molestation. It has taken me years to complete this journey of healing, and forgiveness, and now I’m sharing that journey with you.

I could not have survived without the amazing relationship that I have had with Jesus since I was a very small child. Before the age of seven, I had been abandoned by my birthmother shortly after birth, discarded by my birth grandmother, was adopted at a year and a half, lost my adopted mother before I was three, and was subsequently abandoned emotionally by my adopted father, who married the “wicked stepmother” from Disney.

By the time I was ten I was either being locked in the basement or locked outside with no food or water. I was unjustly accused of doing things I didn’t do and was placed in an experimental, locked, children’s psych ward when I was in fourth grade. I was told that no one wanted me, that I was a charity case and my new stepmother had neither the time or the inclination for charity work.

I was alone, afraid and nearly broken, and if it was not for my relationship with Christ, I believe I would have died or my life would have taken a very different path, to say the least. It was Jesus who stood beside me through the storms and nightmares in my young life, and it was He that changed the dark green skies that surrounded me, to blue again. It was He that helped me face the Giants and Monsters in my life and I am here to tell His story of grace.

Image result for free pics of grandmother praying with little girl

It was my grandmother that planted seeds of faith in my life. It was she who taught me to pray, but most importantly, she taught me to listen for Jesus to answer back.

This became the foundation of my faith and the beginning of my amazing relationship with Jesus that has lasted a lifetime. It was my Lord who caught all my tears when, in my minds eye, I would crawl up on His lap and tell him about the abuse. It was He that saved all the broken pieces of my innocence when I was molested. It was He that collected and treasured all the good, bad and ugly strands of my life, until I was ready to put them back together again during the healing journey that I share in this book.

I don’t know who this book was written for. It could be for you or maybe someone you know. God knows. It’s HIS BOOK.

You may recognize your own reflection, your own story within the pages of this book, or maybe that of someone else, but no matter if he is calling you to read it, or share it with another, you will not only find my story within these pages, but more importantly, I pray, you will hear God’s Holy Whispers between the lines.

Blessings, VICTORIA

You can find Green Skies and Holy Whispers on Amazon as an e book or paperback.


One thought on “New Book Released

  1. Congratulations Victoria i tried to inbox on facebook.
    Will try to get the kindle edition im not sure when but will love go through your book

    Welldone i have a dream of writing one day.
    Im glad you broke the limits!


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