Season Two Episode Two: The Chosen

Here is a link to watch Episode Two, Season Two of THE CHOSEN. I pray you are all blessed.


Have you ever been fired, lost a job, felt like a failure, given up, thought God didn’t hear or see you or thought God didn’t care. Have you ever thought you were doing what you were meant to do and then failed? Has God ever taken a moment of despair or failure and redirected you? Nathaniel is who, what and where he is supposed to be. So are you. When we are at our lowest, God is at his greatest. There is a statement that Mary Magdalene says in Season One, “I was one way and now I am completely different. And the thing that happened in between was Him.” Do you have a “BEFORE GOD” moment?

“People try to define us by our past, but we are different because of Jesus. We are redefined by Him.” “Everyone else in the world is playing a different game now.”


He too was an outsider. He stands up for those that can’t stand up or speak for themselves. He is a survivor. He is a good listener. He cares. He stands up when he sees injustice. He leads others to Christ (Nathaniel). He is a peacemaker. Can you see yourself in Philip?


Do you have a talent or expertise and have been successful at it, but gotten no respect or recognition for it? Have you ever been abandoned emotionally or physically? Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever been an outcast as a child or as an adult? Have you ever been ridiculed unjustly? Have you ever had to live or work with people that don’t like you? Matthew has. Matthew is ostracized, ridiculed, bullied (especially by Simon) and often left to walk alone on their journey, but it doesn’t matter. Jesus accepts him just the way he is. Jesus accepts you just the way you are. Shouldn’t we do the same for those that are different?


CONTROL, CONTROL. Simon Needs to know. He needs direction. He’s Anxious, needs to learn patience and needs to let go. He puts people down sometimes because he thinks he’s smarter, stronger, and more worthy. He has an “I’m better than you” attitude at times.

Jesus is trying to teach Simon to let God be number ONE. To let God have control. It doesn’t seem like he has had his “I AM SECOND MOMENT.”

(If you are unfamiliar with the series I AM SECOND, it is a collection of interviews given by famous people as to how God is first in their lives and they are second.)

A personal note:

We are definitely going deeper into each personality with each episode. It’s like layers of an onion being peeled away. This is not only revealing more about the Disciples, but this seems to be like God is revealing more of me as well. As I see each of their faults and frailties, I see more and more of myself. It’s almost like there is a gentle conviction of the Holy Spirit as I watch the Disciples learn (and not learn) from their mistakes. When Jesus corrects the Disciples, it sometimes feels that He is talking directly to me. This is a learning journey for me in so many ways. It is humbling and is bringing me closer to who God wants me to be. What about you?

I pray you have been blessed and have drawn closer to Scripture and to God.



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