The Chosen: Season 1, Episode 7

You can watch Episode seven by clicking the link below and going to Episode seven. Thank you to The Chosen for this amazing film and for any photos used in this blog.



MATTHEW: “When you realize that no one else in the world cares about you, you begin to think only of yourself”.

THOUGHT: If you see someone who seems like they are always alone, reach out. You will change their life and the way they look at the world.

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Matthew visits his Mother to try and find answers. She is still angry and ashamed of him. He is afraid. He says everything that he thought was true is like sand in his brain. He asks if IMPOSSIBILITIES can happen and if they can overthrow the laws of nature. His Mother replies “That was what everyone thought about you when you were born”. He was so smart, beyond all the other children, but he used his gift against the Jews and God. He replies “WHAT IF EVERYTHING THAT I THOUGHT I KNEW IS WRONG?” His mother turns him away…again. (BUT SHE IS SAD)

QUESTION: Has anyone close to you turned you away, made you feel unworthy and unloved?

NICODEMUS’s WIFE: Nicodemus wants to stay to continue his search for the truth. His wife, however, is more interested in going home to family and for their new grandson’s NAME DEDICATION and BRITH. She unknowingly, (possibly uncaringly) is pulling him away for selfish reasons.

Remember that you and your words have an influence over others.

QUINTIS barged into Nicodemus’s home and wants to know if they have a “PROBLEM” with the so-called MIRACLE WORKER (JESUS). Quintis is all about order and the LAW, just like Nicodemus. He points out that his main interest is in soldiers, money and votes, while Nicodemus is concerned with demons, prayers and odd balls (like John the Baptist and Jesus). The crowd listening to Jesus had blocked the road, making it difficult for Quintis’s visitor to get through, which was embarrassing for him. He’s worried that the preacher will become a politician. He wants Nicodemus to set up a private meeting with Jesus and hints that he intends for it to be a trap for Jesus. Nicodemus suggests that Quintis may be creating a martyr.

This sets the stage for Roman involvement in Jesus’ life and ministry.

JESUS is asked by John about having to move around the countryside so much. Jesus replies that He wants to do the will of His Father and spread the message of Salvation, so He is willing to not stay in one place.

QUESTION: How about you? Are you willing to go and do what God calls you to do?

Regarding leaving wood for 5 days: “Hospitality isn’t just for those that own homes”.

QUESTION: What are you doing for those coming behind you?

Jesus needed to get away daily to be by himself, to think and to pray.

QUESTION: If Jesus needed to do this, how much more should we? How often do you spend alone time with HIM to meditate and pray?

MARY of Magdalene apologizes to Jesus for bringing the paralytic to the roof and disturbing his teaching. Jesus reassures her that they would have found their way to him even if she had not helped. She also tells him about Nicodemus wanting to meet with him.

THOUGHTS: Don’t be afraid to talk to Jesus when you make mistakes. Mary interceded for Nicodemus. You too can intercede for others by praying for them and their needs.

SIMON doesn’t think the meeting with Nicodemus is a good idea. (He’s still TRYING TO PROTECT JESUS and CONTROL things). He might be a tad jealous that Jesus asked Andrew to go with him to the meeting with Nicodemus, but Jesus knows what we need…and Simon needed to spend time with his wife and mother-n-law. Simon doesn’t want Jesus to know about or be distracted by his mother -n-law coughing. (JESUS already knows everything). EDEN reminds him that Jesus already chose him and wasn’t going to kick him out of the group.

QUESTION: Once Jesus choses you and you accept Him as Lord and Savior can anything keep you from HIM? Can you hide anything from Him? Have you ever felt disappointed that Jesus hasn’t chosen you to do or be more? (At least not yet.)

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JESUS WITH NICODEMUS: Jesus says, “The human eye is naturally drawn to light.” (Drawn to Him, Drawn to His Light inside of YOU.) Jesus explains that if Nicodemus did not go to see Mary, he would not be on the roof with Jesus.

QUESTION: Have you ever thought about if this or that wouldn’t have happened, I wouldn’t have …)

Nicodemus Says he has so many questions. He believes that no one could do what Jesus does without God being in Him or that He was sent by God.

Nicodemus, “What have you come to show us?”

Jesus, “A Kingdom that a person can not see unless he is born again.”

“UNLESS ONE IS BORN OF WATER AND THE SPIRIT HE CAN NOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF GOD. The spirit is what needs to be reborn to new life.”

Jesus speaks about the wind. Like the wind, you can not see the SPIRIT, but you can still recognize it.

QUESTION: Can people see the HOLY SPIRIT in YOU? What do they see?

Jesus: “If I have told you of earthly things and you do not believe, how can I tell you of Heavenly things”.

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Jesus talks about the story of the Israelites complaining about God and Mosses and how they cursed the Manna they were receiving and wanted to return to Egypt. They were being bitten by serpents and were dying, but God made a way for them to be healed. God told Mosses to make a Bronze snake and hang it on a pole for all to see, and if they did they were saved. Thus is the same with Jesus and the cross. Those that look upon Him and believe, shall not perish but will have everlasting life.

JESUS did not come to rescue the Jews from the Romans. He came to deliver them from SIN and SPIRITUAL DEATH.

“God so loved the world, that He gave his only Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but shall have eternal life. He did not send His Son into the world to condemn it but to save it.”

Nicodemus said that he told everyone that only God could heal LILITH and there JESUS was.

Nicodemus believes, but when Jesus asked him to follow him, Nicodemus is faced with leaving EVERYTHING important to him…wife, home, family, wealth, position, notoriety, being teacher of teachers, his students, people hanging on his every word and following it. Plus he’s “advanced in years”.

Jesus says, “YES, BUT WHAT YOU WOULD GAIN IS FAR GREATER.” Mysteries are harder for scholars to understand and believe.

Nicodemus, “What you are telling me is that I am standing on HOLY GROUND…on a roof.”

Jesus says, “Blessed are ALL who take refuge in HIM.”

This is a turning point for Nicodemus. It is a difficult decision. Jesus and Nicodemus meet at night in secret, keeping his belief and curiosity hidden from others, even his wife.

QUESTION: WHY keep it a secret? How about you? Are you hiding your faith?

Matthew and Nicodemus


Both are searching for truth.

Both have a level of prestige or favor in society. Nicodemus has wealth, has the favor of those in authority. Matthew has wealth, has the favor of Roman authority.

Both have a lot to lose if they follow Jesus.


Nicodemus is revered by the people as the teacher of teachers. He is hesitant to follow Jesus.

Matthew is hated by the people as a tax collector. He leaves and follows immediately.

MATTHEW is called by Jesus and immediately leaves his booth, stands up to his guard, Gius, (who is also somewhat of a friend), hands over the key, his ring and leaves with Jesus. Matthew is reminded by Gius that he is rich, has the protection of the Romans, that NO JEW lives as well as he does, he is throwing it all away and that he will regret his decision. (a similar decision Nicodemos is faced with)

Matthew is FINALLY ACCEPTED BY SOMEONE other than a Roman. Jesus KNOWS WHO HE IS, WHAT HE HAS DONE, and HOW DIPISED HE IS and it doesn’t matter. Simon doesn’t like the idea of a tax collector joining them. Matthew is different.

Jesus responds, “GET USED TO DIFFERENT.”

DINNER AT MATTHEW’S HOUSE!!! No one has ever gone to Matthew’s home. No one has ever wanted to. Matthew is THE LEAST OF THESE. Therefor there is hope for EVERYONE.


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