The Chosen – Season 2, Episode 6: Unlawful

What is unlawful?

According to the Pharisees Jesus committed blasphemy and grievously sinned against Jewish Law and the Torah. Jesus referred to himself as THE SON of MAN. He performed a miracle on the Sabath at the Bethesda Pool. He then told the Paralytic to do labor on the Sabath by instructing him to pick up his mat after being healed. Jesus also FORGAVE the SINS of the paralytic that was lowered into Zebedee’s home through the roof. All of these things were unlawful to those in religious power but not to THE SON OF GOD.


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We find Schmuel is still trying to convince those in the San Hedren that Jesus is doing and saying things that are unlawful according to Jewish law or the Torah, but he’s not getting very far.

We watch Simon and Matthew as their relationship develops. Jesus has sent this ‘odd couple’ to find Mary Magdalene. Matthew finally stands up to Simon when it comes to cooking. Simon seems to be protective of Matthew, while Matthew appears to care about Mary Magdalene. They have been thrown together on this rescue mission and surprisingly, they seem to be working well together. They are discovering things about each other and are accepting each other more

Rhema and Mary, talk about Mary Magdalene’s disappearance. Rhema asks Mary if Jesus’ time has truly come, why doesn’t he just bring Mary Magdalene back. Rhema believes it was a bad idea for Jesus to send Matthew with Simon together to find Mary and she is worried for Mary Magdalene’s well-being. She also asks why Jesus doesn’t simply provide the food they need. Mary tells a story about their life in Egypt and about a false god named Thoth. People believed they could compel Thoth to grant their wishes if they performed rituals. Our God is not like that.

Mary gives some sound, wise, motherly advice. She explains that by throwing the boys together means they will need to work together (which was probably what Jesus had in mind to begin with). She reminds Rhema that “Some trust in chariots and horses but we trust in Adoni, our God” plus you can’t fix anything by worrying about it.

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When things don’t make sense to us, we need to remember that God knows best. He is in control. And that worrying about it doesn’t help.

Seems that everyone, except for Mother Mary, is worried or scared about something.

Thomas is worried that they don’t have enough food.

James and John are worried about the 630 rules / laws they need to keep, plus all the prayers they need to remember to say. They also are concerned that they are not in as good a shape or as prepared for battle as Simon the Zealot. James reveals that he doesn’t understand most of what is going on. He is just following Jesus. John says he believes it will take all of them a long time to understand.

Rhema is worried about Mary Magdalena’s safety and why Jesus doesn’t just fix everything.

Andrew is beside himself over John the Baptist being captured and thrown in jail with a life sentence. He fears they will never see him again.

Philip is also worried for John the Baptists.

Simon the Zealot has trained to be a fighter for over a decade and now his training is apparently useless, but he keeps training anyway. He wants to rescue John the Baptist from a heavily guarded prison. He thinks the harder the rescue the more fun it will be. He believes he should use his years of training and the connections he has with other Zealots to rescue John the Baptist but can’t. Philip reminds him that he is not part of the Zealot group anymore. He follows Jesus now. Simon is disappointed and concerned that he will never be able to use what he has trained for most of his life.

Mary Magdalene is drinking and gambling. She has reverted to her old “BEFORE JESUS” behavior. She realizes that she is playing with rough men that could do her harm. She becomes frightened and runs away. Mary feels she is a failure. She was saved and now she is broken again. She believes she can never go back and face Jesus again. She is afraid but remembers what her father taught her. “What do we do when we are scared? We say the words.”

Matthew and Simon are worried they will never find Mary but after visiting the bar, they finally find her and attempt to console her. They remind her of all the wonderful things she has done since she began following Jesus.

Simon doesn’t know how to console Mary but reminds her that it was because she is such a caring person that they were able to help the Paralytic get through Zebedee’s roof to see Jesus.

Matthew admits he has been a bad person, always thinking of himself, and not having any faith. He tells her that because of her, he is learning more about God and the Torah, and that Rhema is even beginning to read and write. Matthew tells her that Jesus saved her to do all these things.

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We need to encourage and lift each other up in the same way. We should also remember that even though we are not performing miracles, feeding multitudes, teaching large crowds of people like Billy Graham, and even if we never see the results of our efforts, God sees and knows and is using us in amazing ways. The tiny seeds of faith and hope that we plant each day may one day grow into strong pillars of faith. The little things we do (both good and bad) have an enormous impact on the lives of the people God places in our path.

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Matthew, Simon and Mary Magdalene return to camp where Mary tells Jesus that she feels she has failed. She is ashamed because He had saved her, and she threw it all away. She feels she cannot live up to what He has done for her. She can’t repay Him. She is ashamed that she wasn’t even strong enough to come back on her own and that she needed Simon and Matthew’s help.

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Jesus tells her that he does not ask for or expect much. He explains that it is true that she can’t live up to or repay His saving her, but that she doesn’t need to. He tells her that all He wants and all that the Father wants, is her heart and the rest will come in time. She needs to understand that she will still struggle, make mistakes and sin again. Strength will come in time. Mary bows her head and tells Him she is sorry. He tells her to “LOOK UP. LOOK AT ME”. When she lifts her eyes to Jesus, she falls into his arms and Jesus forgives her (again).

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Jesus wants us to turn our thoughts, fears, worries, sins, mistakes, and relapses over to Him. He wants us to LOOK AT HIM, STAY FOCUSED ON HIM. He knows and understands and is ready to lift us up from our despair and forgive us (again).

Jesus takes the group to a small Synagogue and breaks the Jewish Law (again).

After all that has happened over the past few days, I personally think Jesus simply wanted to “STIR THE WATERS” (again).

He approaches a man with a crippled hand and DISREGARDS THE RABBI QUOTING THE LAW regarding who is worthy to come into the house of the Lord (again).


He talks about the importance of SAVING A LOST, HURT SHEEP on the SABBATH (again).

 He refers to Himself as THE SON of MAN (again).

He tells the Apostles it is OK to break the Jewish Law and allows them to Work on the Sabbath by HARVESTING GRAIN. (again).

Jesus reminds all of them, including the Rabbis, that King David ate the blessed Bread of the Presence on the Sabbath because he and his men were on a mission and were hungry. (We see the portrayal of this Biblical story at the beginning of this episode.)

Jesus tells them that “Man was not made for Sabbath. Sabbath was made for man.


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Matthew 12:8

“For the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.”

1 Samuel 21:1-6

At one point in David’s life, when he was on the run from Saul, he asked the priest Ahimelech for food. The priest gave David the bread of the Presence since it was the only bread available.

David was not a priest, so it was technically unlawful for him to eat the shewbread. Jesus later refers to this event, using it as proof that the Law was designed for man’s benefit, and that Christ is Lord of the Sabbath (Matthew 12:1–8; Mark 2:25–27; Luke 6:3–5).


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