A Thank You Note To GOD

Hello and blessings to all of my new and old friends. I recently revisited some of my earlier writings on this blog and remembered that last November I had posted some of my daily THANK YOU NOTES TO GOD. It seemed fitting because November is the month that, here in the United States, we end the month by celebrating Thanksgiving.

An entire year has gone by and now that it’s November again, I’ve decided to continue sharing my simple notes of thanks with the prayer that you will write and share a thankful note of your own.

Today I want to thank God for His awesome gift of color. I recently traveled to the New England area to visit friends, to enjoy some fantastic clam chowda and to enjoy God’s season finale of amazing colored foliage. I live in Florida now, and we don’t get the colored leaves like they do up north. It was well worth the trip and I was far from disappointed.

The colors were breathtaking. Each new turn in the road was more spectacular than the last. Breathtaking rolling hills were majestically wrapped in coats of brilliant reds and golds, and as we meandered through the backroads of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine, I was inspired, often speechless and in awe of God’s incredible cornucopia of colored trees that framed stark white church steeples and cozy cottages of all shapes and sizes.

It was an amazing Kaleidoscope journey of colors which gave me pause to be very, very thankful to the creator of it all.

Thank you God for allowing me, first of all, to travel safely. This was an awesome gift of freedom after months of confinement, mandates, restrictions and isolation for so long due to covid.

Secondly, I am forever grateful that you provided me with a respite from all the events happening in our world right now. It made me pause in my hurriedness to realize that no matter what is going on around me, or whether I take time to notice or not…you, God, take the time, every day, to give me simple, extraordinary gifts, like coloring the trees that carpet the landscape or by providing extra splashes of pinks and purples in the sky (which are my favorite colors) when the sun touches the horizon.

In a world that often leans toward everything being black, white or dismal grey, you gift me with an extraordinary pallet of brilliant color that surrounds me every day just to lift the frowns and furrows off my face and to remind me that I am loved, ever so much, by a God who brings light into my darkness just to see me smile.


If you are thankful for something and would like to share, you can share it here or at Victoriaclineministry1@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings, VICTORIA


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