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Welcome to Believing outside the Box. My name is Victoria Cline. This photo is, I’m sure, quite unexpected, but there is a very good explanation behind why a posed, glamour shot of me is not in its place.

First of all, I’m far from glamorous and to be honest, the words shared here are far more important than any photo of me. My real purpose for sharing my dimpled face, youthful, one year old self, however, is because it is the last picture of me as Victoria Cline before I was adopted and my name was changed. I’ve posted it here to remind me just how far I’ve come since that photo was taken in 1953. It’s also here to honor the child that was once lost and now found.

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This portion of the web site is supposed to introduce you to the author of this blog; me. There’s not enough time or space here to share the journey I’ve made since 1952, so I’ll need to give you the abridged version of me.

I’m 68 years young, was born in Missouri and now live in Florida. I was abandoned within weeks of my birth and finally adopted a year and a half later. I searched for my birth family for over 46 years and finally found them and the tree I had been separated from, in 2016 but that’s an entirely different story to tell.

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I’ve been married, divorced, married and widowed. I brought three amazing sons into this world and in turn they have blessed me with seven equally amazing grandchildren. I’ve been a Nurse for nearly 48 years, been a Real Estate Agent for Better Homes and Gardens, a wannabe farmer with a menagerie of chickens, ducks and horses and been a surrogate mother to 7 dogs and 2 cats; not all at the same time.

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I’ve been both a Youth and Women’s Group Leader. I am presently the Mission Coordinator at a non denominational Church in Dunedin, Florida, a speaker and author of a new book soon to be released on Amazon and now a Blogger.

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I’m a survivor of abandonment, abuse and sexual molestation and been shamed, blamed and broken for the better part of my life.

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I’ve made more mistakes and excuses than I’d care to mention, am a sinner in need of a Savior and have been on my knees before God enough times to wear out my welcome… but never have.

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I don’t have a Theological Degree but I know Jesus on a first name basis. I’m not a Pastor’s wife, like some bloggers, but I’ve given my heart and my life to Christ. I’m not a Psychologist, although I often think I should see one and I don’t claim to have all the answers, although I know someone that does.

My relationship with Jesus is different than some. I know him, see him and hear his voice; not in a spooky way. He’s been with me my entire life; thru all the good, bad and ugly times and I simply want to share him with you. He’s my best friend and I just want to brag on him and if you read my blog you’ll discover He’s the best friend you’ll ever have.

From my heart to yours, Victoria.

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