August 24, 2020: Today’s Thank You Note to God

I had an early appointment this morning and saw something I haven’t seen in a long time – SCHOOL BUSES! I know that there has been a debate among teachers, parents and government officials as to whether to have children return to virtual or brick and mortar school, but it was so nice to seeContinue reading “August 24, 2020: Today’s Thank You Note to God”


August 23, 2020: Today’s Thank You Note To God

I woke up this morning, made a cup of tea, turned on my Christian Music Station, Joy FM and began reading my daily devotional, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, which I would highly recommend. I still have not made it to Sunday Service due to covid 19 restrictions of social distancing and masks. I haveContinue reading “August 23, 2020: Today’s Thank You Note To God”

August 22, 2020 : Thank You Notes to God

Hello to my friends and family. There is so much going on around us right now that is so negative, that I can’t put all of it into words. Well, I’ve decided to look at some of the good things instead – some gifts that God gives us each day that kind of get lostContinue reading “August 22, 2020 : Thank You Notes to God”

August 12, 2020: “THE BLESSING”

Have you ever heard God’s Whisper? Have you ever heard a tiny, soft voice in your head and a tug at your heart to do something? Maybe for you it could be indigestion or maybe your conscience… but when it happens to me…I know what it is. Better yet…I know Who it is. I’ve beenContinue reading “August 12, 2020: “THE BLESSING””

August 5, 2020: Walking on Water.

Have you spoken to God this morning? I have. Every morning, I turn on my Christian music, sing along as I grab a glass of orange juice, review my list of things to do and then – I nestle down to spend the next half hour or more reading my daily devotional, my Bible orContinue reading “August 5, 2020: Walking on Water.”