The Chosen Season 2, Episode 2

You can watch Episode 2 by clicking on the link below and going to Episode 2. Thank you to The Chosen for this episode and for any of The Chosen photos used in this blog. Enjoy and may you be blessed. blob: We meet two new Disciples in Episode 2 Nathaniel, Our First New Disciple:Continue reading “The Chosen Season 2, Episode 2”

The Chosen: Episode 5, Season 2

Click below to watch The Chosen: Episode 5 of Season 2. blob: Let’s talk about what we saw, what we heard and what we learned. JOHN THE BAPTIST and JESUS John the Baptist visits his cousin, Jesus and tells Him about his dangerous plan to storm into Herod’s court to accuse him of sin. JohnContinue reading “The Chosen: Episode 5, Season 2”