The Chosen: Season 1, Episode 7

You can watch Episode seven by clicking the link below and going to Episode seven. Thank you to The Chosen for this amazing film and for any photos used in this blog. blob: SEASON ONE, EPISODE SEVEN: The Invitation MATTHEW: “When you realize that no one else in the world cares about you, you beginContinue reading “The Chosen: Season 1, Episode 7”

December 7, 2020: A Mouth Fast and Rebuilding MY Temple

Not long ago a fellow Blogger and Sister in Christ wrote a message encouraging a MOUTH FAST. Yes. You heard correctly, a MOUTH FAST. It’s when you turn off the phone, tv, computer, etc. and don’t speak for whatever time frame you set and focus on God and see where He leads you. I tookContinue reading “December 7, 2020: A Mouth Fast and Rebuilding MY Temple”