A Whisper from God: When you wear my name be careful.

My Dear Child,

I see so many of you wearing T shirts and sweatshirts with MY NAME or MY SON’s NAME on it. I see messages on clothing meant to inspire others and increase their Faith in ME. I also see signs and messages on vehicles for other drivers to see, while others wear Crosses around their necks, on their wrists, even on their hats. Some do so to tell others that they are mine while others do it just because it will make people think they are holier, more important than the rest of the crowd.

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When My Son was on earth, He did not wear flashy clothes or jewelry to separate himself or to hold himself above others. He did not dress as the Sadducees or Pharisees, Priests or Rabbis. What made Him stand out was because of what He said and what He did.

He listened. He answered questions. He cared for the sick and the poor. He forgave. He healed. He was slow to anger. He dwelt among common people like tax collectors, prostitutes and sinners of all kinds. He didn’t look for notoriety. Instead He suffered and died as a criminal although He was innocent.


When you wear my name or display your faith upon your possessions, be sure to act and speak accordingly and to honor ME. When you drive with a symbol or sign on your vehicle to promote faith in ME, pray for those you pass and drive as if I’m sitting beside you. Don’t do anything to bring shame to yourself or to ME.


If you are mine, you need only to act like it. Share My LOVE and My WORD and people will know that you are mine. They will see that you are different and they will want what you have.

If you wish to display your Love and Faith in Me, do it respectfully, honorably and for the right reasons.



7 thoughts on “A Whisper from God: When you wear my name be careful.

  1. Thank you for taking the time to visit with me. I was wearing my “BING JESUS” shirt when I went to buy groceries the other day and noticed people reading my shirt. Some even made nice comments. I became keenly aware of how I acted while in the store. PEOPLE ARE WATCHING US when we profess JESUS. Have a blessed day my friend.

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  2. Thank you for joining me at my blog site. Praying you are well. As we proclaim Jesus is the Reason for the Christmas Season and that our Savior is born for all mankind…we need to act and speak like the children of God that we proclaim to be. Blessings my friend. Victoria


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