October 22, 2020 Thank You Note to God

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Happy Fall to All,

I have not written in a while because I was visiting my family in St Louis. I just want to say Thank You To God for such a great visit.

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My days were filled with friends and family, my Grandchildren and sleepovers with cousins and cuddling together on the couch eating popcorn and watching movies.

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I savored sitting around the fire pit with family, consuming an abundance of toasty marshmallows and smores, sharing buckets of laughter and love, great food and conversations, while under a canopy of fall colors (which we don’t get much of in Florida). All were blessings and Gifts from God.

During a time of such uncertainty, I am certain of two things.


When we find ourselves surrounded by a whirlwind of doubt and fear, bombarded by political upheaval and overwhelmed by uncertainty about tomorrow…remember God is in control.

We need to cling to the strength we find in the little things that truly matter…Faith, Friends and Family…which are more important and more precious than anything this world can offer.

I am extremely grateful for the love and support of my friends and family who are beacons of light in this dark time and I am grateful for God’s Word that strengthens and guides me and provides an anchor in this storm we find ourselves in.

What are You Thankful for today?

I’m sure God would love to hear from you and so would I.

Blessings to All, VICTORIA


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