December 7, 2020: A Mouth Fast and Rebuilding MY Temple

Not long ago a fellow Blogger and Sister in Christ wrote a message encouraging a MOUTH FAST. Yes. You heard correctly, a MOUTH FAST. It’s when you turn off the phone, tv, computer, etc. and don’t speak for whatever time frame you set and focus on God and see where He leads you. I took her up on this challenge and recently posted on her site what happened when I did my FAST.

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She had just written another post the other day, about our lives being a tangled mess sometimes and this was my response and revelation to what God said to me during my MOUTH FAST.

You can check out Desiray’s posts on her blog THE DEVOTION CAFE’ . I hope you enjoy them and are as Blessed as I am by her messages.

This is the response I made to Desiray – Nov. 4, 2020.

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I love your message today. My life has also been tangled up at times, but mine has been more like a tangled ball of Christmas lights. What a mess, but God turned my mess into so many messages…like those in my book and my blog.

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Thanks for reminding me today with your message that God can untangle any mess we find ourselves in and turn it into something beautiful.

Image result for free pics spiritual fasting

I also want to let you know what happened when I gave “MY MOUTH” A REST and put it on a FAST as you suggested we try.

I decided to go out on the beach by myself… no phone, no computer or TV… and just listened to nature and to God.

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Image result for free pics spiritual fasting

I said, “Ok God. Here I am. Now what do you want me to do? I’m listening. You have my undivided attention?”

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After a few minutes He answered in a soft whisper, “FEED MY SHEEP.”

I answered and said “OK” out loud and then looked to see if anyone around me on the beach was listening.

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“HEAL MY SHEEP.” He continued. Again I said “Ok, but how?”


I was encouraged to know that I was already doing what He wanted me to do and felt a strong conviction that I was on the right path with my Mission work and writing, but then He added something that was at first confusing.

Image result for free pics of temple of jeruselem?


“WHAT??” I asked. “WHAT TEMPLE?” I was confused.

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Then He opened my eyes and my heart to what He meant. I,( my body, mind and spirit), was HIS TEMPLE. I was to take it back and rebuild ME.

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I confess that I had let the world, my circumstances and my past, ravage my body. I had let my circumstances and a history of abuse consume me in the past. I had let my body and weight get out of control. I had let my past wounds weep into my present and I had let my mind wonder from God on too many occasions.

I have been saved by the Mercy and Grace of God. I have preached about the Miracles God has performed in my life and I’ve tried to encourage others, but I haven’t put that Salvation into practice when it comes to my own TEMPLE. My life is different but my body doesn’t reflect the change I profess.

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Well, this Tongue/Mouth Fast and God’s Word to me was a wake up call. I need to tear down walls and rebuild this TEMPLE. If I am to continue to do God’s work through my writing to FEED and HEAL God’s people, then I need to be in the right mind and spirit and be healthy enough to do it for as long as God wants me to. Getting in shape in all areas and rooms in this Temple I reside in, has become a priority.

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Thank you, Desiray, for encouraging me/us to do this Fast. I received God’s message loud and clear.

I’ve decided to repost what I have written here, on my own Blog site, because then I will have professed this commitment to the world and I hope it may inspire others to have a Mouth Fast and to possibly rework their own TEMPLE for God’s Glory.

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I TRULY HOPE THAT THIS REPOST finds it’s way into your mind and heart. Try your own Mouth Fast. Mine lasted for about an hour and a half. Too Long?…Too Short? Mine was JUST RIGHT. Message heard loud and clear.

Let me know how you do on your Fast and what you hear God say to you.

Thank you to Desiray for her wonderful posts. They continue to encourage and inspire me to draw closer to God and to be the Person God wants me to be.

Blessings to all, VICTORIA


4 thoughts on “December 7, 2020: A Mouth Fast and Rebuilding MY Temple

  1. Sister Victoria, this is beautiful. I am so happy to hear how you took the challenge and how the Lord has shown you revelations. I have always believed that when we be still we can hear the Lord more clearly.

    Blessings to you on this day!


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