The Chosen: Season 2, Episode 1

You can watch Episode 1 of Season 2 by clicking on the link below and going to Episode 1. Thank you to The Chosen for bringing us another season of such an amazing series and for any photos used in this blog. Enjoy and be blessed.



What will we see? What will we hear? What will we learn?

In this episode we first find John taking notes before writing what we know today as the Gospel of John. He is interviewing a handful of the Disciples, Mary Magdalen, and Jesus’ mother Mary, regarding when they first met Jesus. They have gathered during the first days of Shiva and initially it appears to be after Jesus’s death, but in fact it is after the death of James, John’s brother and the first Disciple to be martyred.

            Simon and Thomas recount that the first time they met Jesus was in a time of need and Philip remembers that all Jesus said was, “Come and see.” and Philip did. Philip also makes the statement that Jesus knew him before HE KNEW HIM. Matthew remembers that John the Baptist pointed to Jesus at the river and he immediately followed Jesus. Mary Magdelin recounts how Jesus touched her hand, while Matthew, in true form, gives a very detailed account of the hour and day when he first met Jesus. Mary, Jesus’ mother, talks of Jesus in the womb and how she cannot remember when she did NOT know Jesus.

            When did you first know Jesus?

Mary questions John as to why he is writing, when he should be mourning his brother James. He replies that he does not know when they will ever be together again and he needs to record what he can before they are all too old, and things are forgotten. There is so much information that is important to write about, but how to begin is the question. He reminds Mary that he was loved by Jesus, that he was in his inner most circle and was privy to things other Disciples were not. Thunder seems to be an indication of God approving of certain statements John makes to Mary. They are reminded that Jesus said that His words were more than just words. That the world may pass away but His words will last forever.

John seems to be very concerned about remembering and writing down as much as he can about Jesus and what they saw, heard and learned from Him. He knows how important this is. Knowing that his brother was killed because of his faith, makes it even more urgent. He realizes that they will all probably face the same fate as James sooner or later.

The more time that lies behind me than in front of me I recognize that my time here is getting shorter by the minute. The older I get, the more I see friends loosing bits and pieces of their memory. I find myself forgetting things as well, so I understand when John spoke of them all getting old and forgetting things…important things about Jesus; what He said and what He did.

We need to take notice of John’s sense of urgency. We are all here on borrowed time and God calls each of us to share Jesus with others as often as we can, because we don’t know how much time we have left to do God’s will. Each of us has been chosen to follow in the footsteps of the Disciples and we need to use our time wisely.

Next in this episode, we find James and John working a field that Jesus has told them will feed many after they are gone. They feel they are lucky to be doing this job instead of spending time listening to Matthew and John rant all the time. “Doubting” Thomas, Rahma and Rahma’s father are headed to join Jesus. Thomas and Rahma have left their business behind to follow Him. Jesus and the Disciples are staying in a small town in Samaria where Jesus apparently disappears and the group goes to find Him.

We can begin to see the personalities of the disciples and the conflicts arising from traveling and living together.

We find Jesus fixing someone’s cart and how Photina, (the woman at the well), has told everyone about how Jesus knew everything about her. She is Jesus’ biggest fan and eventually invites the group to her home.

I think that seeing Jesus helping to fix someone’s cart, shows us that we can ask Jesus for anything. Nothing is too small or too big, not even a problem with our own cart or car.

Photina is the perfect example of how WE should be telling the world about the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We hear Jesus preaching to the people about the Good Shepherd and later he praises John and James for working so hard on clearing the field and planting seeds. We hear all of them (AGAIN) discuss / argue about where they should go, where and what they should eat and how and where Jesus’ message will be accepted best, but Jesus has other plans.

Isn’t that how it often is in life. We worry about where to go, what to eat and how we can best serve God, when, all along, God knows what’s best if we only ask Him to show us the way. He has a plan already in place and if we are willing to follow his lead, it ends up being the best way and often nothing we expected.

We continued to watch as Ramah’s father reluctantly gives his daughter permission to follow Jesus. We witnessed the interaction and sadness as Ramah says goodbye to her father.

Image result for Jesus saysfollow me

It was difficult to watch a believer choose to leave a non-believing parent, especially when it was a young girl leaving the security of her father’s home. You may possibly be in a similar situation. It is difficult to stand up for what you believe in and to leave relationships with loved ones or friends. It is even more difficult to stay and be a witness to non-believers or to take ridicule from friends and family because of your faith and desire to follow Christ.

It is not easy to follow Christ when He calls us, but He knows the sacrifices we make for His sake. He knows the desire of our heart. We saw that Jesus had tears in his eyes as he watched Ramah’s father leave. He understood how difficult and painful this choice was for her and how difficult it can be for us as well.

When Jesus goes to check the field that has been cleared, John and James are very proud of their day’s work and love the attention that Jesus gives them for a job well done, but they have presumed that the work was done to help travelers that will come long after the are gone. They did not know that they had done all that hard work to help a Samaritan, a people they despise. This is humbling and a lesson they will unfortunately soon forget.

 If you noticed, it was Photina who had told Jesus about the landowner’s injury and need for help. Are we not also called to pray and intercede for others and to help them when we can? When we evangelize or do something for someone, we need to be careful to not let pride creep in. John and James eventually learned that the hard way.

The landowner of the field told Jesus that he had nothing to give in return for their kindness and all of James’ and John’s hard work. That’s when Jesus revealed that all the food that the Disciples had bought, (with what little money they had left), was to be shared with this Samaritan. John and James realize that they not only worked all day to help someone they despised, but now they were expected to eat with them. The Disciples end up sharing their testimonies with the Samaritan and his family, which is what we should also do.

            When we share our own BEFORE JESUS story or when we share how God helped us through a difficult time, our objective should be to Glorify God. People in the same situations will be able to relate and see that God is the answer. We should use any adversity that we face, as a stepping stone towards helping others that follow behind us on the same path.

While sitting around the fire after dinner, the wife of the landowner asks if Jesus is really who people say he is and when HE will stop all the pain and sorrow. He tells her that he has come to bring The Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven and reveals that HE is making the way for people to access that kingdom where there will be no more suffering or pain. He also explains that in this world, bones will still break, hearts will still break, but that in the end, the Light will overcome darkness. Jesus is THE LIGHT.

The landowner then confesses that he has done something horribly wrong which resulted in his inability to walk. Jesus explains that Jews share stories and encourages the man to tell his. This is the man’s BEFORE JESUS STORY. (Before JESUS CHANGES HIS LIFE FOREVER) The man confesses to robbing and possibly killing a Jew because he needed money to feed his starving family. He is ridden with guilt. The disciples are struck by the fact that they have not only helped a Samaritan, but have helped one that possibly attacked and killed a fellow Jew. Jesus reveals that the Jew did not die. The relief and sorrow for what the Samaritan had done was overwhelming.

The man then asks why Jesus has come and helped him after what he has done. Jesus explains that the shepherd leaves the 99 to find the one sheep that is lost and that needs him the most.

Image result for the good shepherd

This is how Jesus teaches the Disciples and US humility and how to love and forgive our enemies. Jesus lets us know that He will leave the 99 to come after you and I, just as a good shepherd would search for a lost sheep.

The landowner wakes the next day finding his leg is healed. Jesus knows and chuckles at that very moment even though He is miles away. John questions that Jesus didn’t even need to be there to heal the man. Jesus reveals that they too will someday do the same.

Jesus knows our needs.

The Disciples argue during breakfast about where they will go. Some are still trying to protect and direct Jesus. John and James are not happy and want to confront Jesus about why they did all the work clearing a field for a Samaritan. They apparently did not learn the lesson from the night before. When they confront Jesus, they are taunted by a group of Samaritans. It is then that they ask Jesus to call down lightening from heaven to strike down the Samaritans. They claim that the Samaritans are not worthy to hear Jesus’ message. Jesus rebukes them not only for their suggestion, but He is obviously angry and disappointed. Jesus asks them why they think he asked them to work the field. He explains that what they are doing now will last for generations. They are planting seeds of faith, food for the souls of all who will follow.

Today, we are benefiting from the seeds that the Disciples planted in the hearts of men, women, and children, thousands of years ago, and what we do here and now, planting seeds of faith wherever we go, will also last for generations. We may not be around to see the harvest, but God will.

Jesus continues to explain to the disciples, that they were not just planting seeds for food, but they were planting spiritual seeds of faith, that will have a lasting impact for lifetimes.

Jesus explains that they are no better than the Samaritans. They are the same. That just because they are Jews does not make them better and more worthy of HIM.

We need to keep this in mind when we see all the division in our world today. What we say and how we act toward people that look, act or believe differently, will be seen and heard by unbelievers and could get in the way of them accepting Christ into their lives.

Eventually Jesus gives John and James the name SONS OF THUNDER.

Image result for free pics of the chosen season two

            What name do you suppose Jesus would give to you?

Jesus is invited to read from the scrolls in a local temple. He calls on John (whom He has just scolded) to help chose what passage Jesus will read. There are only the 5 books of Moses to choose from. They discuss how others have had tempers just as John and James and then they settle on the first book of Moses that speaks of the Beginning. There is an immediate connection between this conversation with Jesus, the words written in the book of Moses years before and the fact that John was struggling at the beginning of this Episode with what WORDS to use, and how to Begin what we now know as the Gospel of John.

The Word Became Flesh

John 1: 1-5 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. 5 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome[a] it.

I believe that nothing Jesus did while He was here, happened by accident. Jesus knew that John would write the Gospel. He already knew that John would struggle with how to begin, so in a small, Samaritan temple, years before John would put ink to paper, Jesus gave John the path to follow in writing his Gospel. John simply needed to remember what Jesus had said.

Jesus has left us marvelous messages in scripture. He has left us a treasure map and a planting guide to follow. He chose men and women, just like us, who planted seeds of faith thousands of years ago, so that you and I would be sitting here today eating from the fruits of their labor.

If we follow Our Lord, in the footsteps of the Disciples, we too will plant seeds of faith and generations that follow us will eat the fruits of our labor as well.

We have not been chosen by accident. We are here to learn from what the Disciples painstakingly wrote in scripture. The Chosen would not even exist if it weren’t for what they wrote thousands of years ago. We have been chosen to follow in the footsteps of those chosen before us. They have already traversed the path we face. They have written a guide as to how to survive, how to continue their work, how to be a great seed planter and how to complete Jesus’s great command to go and tell the world.

Blessings my friends, VICTORIA


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