The Chosen: Season 1, Episode 8 FINALE

You can watch Episode 8 by clicking on the link below and going to Episode 8. Thank you to The Chosen for this amazing film and for any photos used in the blog. Be Blessed.


Season One Episode Eight, “I AM HE”.  SEASON FINALE

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JACOB is digging a well in Canaan. He meets a man who implies he has been swindled because there is no water there. (The river goes around the mountain)

Jacob tells him that His God, (El Shadi) takes care of them, that they are sojourners heading to a land that was promised to his Grandfather. He explains that sometimes it takes generations for God’s promises to be fulfilled.

He also explains that God is invisible, they have no temple to worship Him in, they have no idols of Him to take with them, that they worship Him at alters wherever they go…oh, and that God broke his hip. The man is confused and does not understand. When they hit water, Jacob tells him “WE did not choose HIM. HE chose US”.

QUESTION: Has anyone ever questioned why you believe? Do you believe God has chosen YOU?


Simon is still upset about Jesus calling Matthew to join them.


The Pharisees ask why Jesus is eating with tax collectors and sinners, people like Mary and her friends from the red quarter. The Pharisees would never be caught dead with people like them. The Pharisee, Yusef, says that what is done in the red quarter can not even be spoken by his tongue. It would defile him to even speak about it, plus the tax collector has betrayed their people, he is not even sorry and has never offered money or a guilt sacrifice in the temple.

Matthew reminds them that Tax collectors are not welcome in the temple.

Big James asks “If Matthew made a sacrifice, would it even make a difference?”

The Pharisees answer with “It is not about what we want (or require), but what God wants.

Jesus corrects them, “It’s not the healthy that need a doctor, but the sick. You are forgetting the scroll. Go learn what it says. I desire MERCY more than SACRIFICES. I have not come for the righteous, but for sinners.”

THOUGHT: We are ALL sinners. No one is better than another in God’s eyes. WE should see others through His eyes. I personally know someone who said that they could not visit their brother because he was not a believer. A light shinning in a dark room can be seen better than a light shinning in a brightly lit room. Use your light the way it was intended to be used. If Jesus chose to be with sinners, why should we think we are better than He? Who are we to say who is good enough? Finally, People, (especially non-believers), are listening and watching us. Be careful.

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Gaius comes to tell Matthew that he is making a big mistake by leaving his post as a Tax Collector. “These people are the bottom of the barrel”. Matthew reminds Gaius that Gaius’s people surrendered to the Romans. He is surrendering to Jesus. Matthew asks for a favor.

QUESTION: Have you ever had to defend what you believe in?

Nicodemus : His wife plays the MOM card. “Your Mom would be so proud of who you have become.” (Don’t throw it away) Plays the GRANDCHILDREN card too. “Can’t you see their little faces around the table at Shabbat?”

Nicodemus’ wife says she loves her life and wants Nicodemus to take her back to it. Nicodemus is facing a difficult situation. Follow Christ or keep his wife happy and keep all that he has accomplished…money, power, prestige. It would be a lot to give up.

THOUGHT: God knows what it costs for us to believe and to be different. It’s easier to stay in the world, than to step out in Faith. The devil wants to keep you and the world in the dark. He wants to keep you from following Christ when He calls you.

Nicodemus and Shmuel: Shmuel announces that he is going to study about false prophesy and wants to know if Nicodemus will stand against him.. if and when he brings questions and concerns before the Sanhedrin. He is upset that Nicodemus did not say or do anything when Jesus proclaimed to forgive sin and called himself the son of God. Nicodemus says he will not oppose him, says that Shmuel is more about Politics than God and that Shmuel has learned nothing from him. Shmuel says he is about the LAW and GOD is the LAW.

Quintis is upset Matthew has left to follow Jesus. He ordered notices to be written in numerous languages. There are to be NO religious gatherings outside of the Temple or school and Jesus is wanted for questioning. SO IT BEGINS.

THOUGHT: Jesus was a threat. You are a threat to the Devil. He will do everything and anything to stop you in your tracts especially when you are doing God’s will.

EDEN is caring for her Mom and is upset that she is getting worse. Jesus tells her that He understands that when He asked Simon to follow him that it meant that Simon would be sacrificing a lot, and in turn, she would also. She and Simon are one flesh. Simon can not make sacrifices without it affecting her. He tells her that she has a role to play in all of this, that she is important and that He sees her. He knows what she is going through being alone. He says He can’t make everything easier but he will not take Simon away without fixing things first. (Healing her Mom)

Eden thanks Jesus and then thanks Simon for following Jesus, doing what He says and for bringing Him to their home.

THOUGHT: God has our back. We are His children. He knows our needs before we even speak.

There is a ripple effect for our decisions, our actions and our faith. God knows. God sees. God will bless us and our efforts to do His will.


Matthew locks the door…only once. Leaves his home and dog to his parents.

Everyone leaves, family and their homes, and takes just what they need.

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Nicodemus can not bring himself to leave EVERYTHING behind to follow Christ. His wife has made her case. She has succeeded in persuading Nicodemus to go home. He leaves money instead. IT TEARS HIM APART when he hears Jesus ask if there is anyone else. Nicodemus knows that Jesus is talking about him. HE WEAPS. He knows he has missed his chance to follow Jesus. It breaks him.

QUESTION: What would you or have you given up to follow Christ?

WHICH DIRECTION TO GO: The Followers argue with Jesus as to which way to go. They warn Jesus about Samaria. (as if He needs to be warned)

JESUS: “If we have a question, and answer session every time we do something you are not used to, then this is going to be a very annoying time together. Don’t worry. If we get attacked, Simon can tell us what to do”. (SIMON, ABSOLUTELY!)


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Jesus goes to the well and sends the Apostles for food. When Photina arrives, he asks for a drink.

Photina has a history with men other than her husband. She can not go to the well with the other women because of this. She asks if Jesus isn’t ashamed to be near her simply because he is a Jew, and she is a Samaritan and a woman.

Jesus asks why she is there in the heat of the day.

Photina explains to Jesus that no one wants to be seen with her. She asks Jesus, “Aren’t I unclean to you? Won’t you be defiled by talking to me?”

Jesus tells her that if she knew who He was, she would ask Him for a drink, and He would give her LIVING WATER.

Photina: Why do you need me if you have your own living water? Do you think that your Jewish water is better than Samaritan water? Are you a better man than our ancestor Jacob who dug this well?

Jesus: “I KNOW JACOB. Everyone who drinks from this well will be thirsty again. If they drink the water that I give, they will never be thirsty again. It will be a spring inside them.”

He tells her about all of the men in her life and that he is not there to condemn her.

Photina: I come here alone to escape condemnation. She tells Jesus that her ancestors worshiped on this mountain, but the Jews say they can only worship in Jerusalem in the temple, where Samaritans are not allowed. “Where am I supposed to go when I need God?”

Jesus: Soon you won’t worship on this mountain or in the temple. GOD IS SPIRIT and you can worship Him anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you worship, only that you do it…IN SPIRIT and TRUTH, HEART and MIND. That’s the kind of worship God is looking for. Soon, It won’t matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’ve done.

Photina: Until the Messiah comes and explains everything and sorts out this mess and me, I don’t trust anyone.

Jesus: This Messiah you speak of, I AM HE. You are the first I am revealing myself to. It would be good if you believed me.

Photina: I’m going to tell everyone!

Jesus: I’m counting on it.

Photina runs away jumping for joy. This man told me everything I’ve ever done. He must be the CHRIST! I’m going to tell everyone.


Jesus: My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to accomplish His work.

Simon: You told her who you are? She can tell others?

Jesus: It’s been a long time of sowing. The fields are ripe for harvest.

Simon: And so it’s time?

Jesus: Lets go.

Simon is ecstatic! Finally the world will know that Jesus is THE MESSIAH!

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Image result for free pics of the chosen season one

God is not in one church and not another. He is not in a box. He comes to all of us, knowing who we are, where we have been and EVERYTHING we have done. He comes to us with the intent that we will tell others, not to keep it a secret. Following Christ is not easy but God is faithful. He is with us. We don’t need to worry. He provides all the Spiritual Food we will need for the journey ahead. Some will sow seeds of faith, some will water, while others will pull weeds that sprout up around the seed and then finally God will call those to reap the harvest. It’s time. LET’s GO!


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